Chicago Singles: Here’s The Secret To Saving Money On Frequent Dating

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Chicago Singles: Here's Your Secret Weapon to Frequent, Frugal Dating


For Chicago singles, searching for a bae can really burn a hole in the old wallet. Especially when you’re going on 3 or 4 dates a month and investing your hard earned money into a situations that, lets face it, could end with you being ghosted (welcome to 2019 people). But hey, that’s the name of the game, right?


Now, close your eyes and imagine a radar of nearby happy hours, brunches, and nightly specials at some of Chicago’s most popular bars, restaurants, and lounges. Imagine how proud your parents would be knowing that you have a tool that you use to minimize your dating expenses. Okay, now open your eyes and stop imagining because it’s definitely a thing. 

WhatElse is undoubtedly Chicago’s secret weapon when it comes to frequent dating.

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Don’t let the platoons of co-workers out after work make you believe for one second that happy hour isn’t an ideal dating scenario. For many bars and restaurants, this is the only time of the week that discounted food and drinks become available. The problem is that there hasn’t always been a quick, easy way to find out when and where they’re taking place here in Chicago – until now. 

Using WhatElse during the date planning phase puts a wide range of real-time, money saving food and drink options at your fingertips. 

*notices sangria/tapas special while browsing WhatElse*

You: “Do you like tapas & sangria? Of course you do. Lets do Cafe-ba-ba-reeba at 5:30ish. See you there? :)”
Your date: “Well done. Sounds good!”

….and the rest, is history. 

WhatElse is available for download in the App Store and Google Play. 

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